Social Media and the Job Search


Job searching can be a daunting task. When one wants to break into or advance within the medical or healthcare industry, that task can become overwhelming.  Knowing someone within that facility (or a particular department within a hospital) may be able to help you put your foot in the door, or put a bug in the ear of the right person, however it does not guarantee that your resume will be seen or read.

Social media (SM) has improved the undertaking of job searching by giving both sides of the coin opportunities to get to know each other better through SM sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Yes, resume content can be viewed on most SM sites, but this doesn’t always attract recruiters or those hiring. According to the MedMasters, candidates need to “develop a brand”. I agree with that assessment. I believe that if a person maintains a SM site and creatively brand themselves, the chore of job searching can be less of a chore.

A personal brand is developed over time to reflect the type of person you want others to see. To start with the task of developing a personal brand, one must first think of your personal brand as an investment (of time, sometimes money, and effort).  Setting goals of your public image is important because you want to convey who you are, what you are about and what you represent.  Try to keep your brand fresh by adding words of wisdom learned or listing areas of expertise. Keep your skills sharp by continuing to learn what it is you know and desire to know. While maintaining your SM sites, comment on other posts, build relationships, get involved with influencers in your field, and get others to notice you and your personal brand.

These simple (but albeit time-consuming) tips may be able to sky-rocket your resume to the top of the pile and help the recruiters and hiring employers view you as valuable and employable. Just remember that SM sites may be the first-step for job seekers, but building a note-worthy brand and maintaining the SM sites that employers will view you in a different (and more positive) light than not having a personal brand at all.!


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