Social Media Demographics and Targeted Strategies


A study on demographics for Social Media sites was released on the Business Insider website, with some surprising results. According to Cooper Smith, an influencer and author of the study published on October 5, 2013, brands and businesses “need platform-focused social media strategies”, and I agree with this opinion. In my industry, MedTech Marketing, a strategy that will target certain demographics is a sound plan.

For instance, the results of the BI study which showed that LinkedIn is an international SM site and is used by professionals mostly during the day. The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report in 2010 that claimed that the US medical device market is the largest in the world with imports supplying about 33% of the market. Other information on the demographics of SM platforms was brought to light, such as gender, income, and ages of each major social network, mobile activity, activity peaks, and how the international uses social networks. Armed with this information, Medtech brands and businesses can seize opportunities on LinkedIn, target their marketing and messaging and produce more sales.

What was not mentioned was the psychographics, or “why” the user spends time and effort on SM sites. The end-user of Medtech products are patients and the healthcare providers that use them. In addition to knowing the demographics of SM platforms, understanding the psychographic differences in motivations and attitudes toward using the product will help the Medtech marketer with the task of marketing Medtech products across other segments and into new territory without trying to be everything for everyone.


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