To Sneak in a Peaceful Moment…


Unplugging. The act of literally unplugging (or turning off) all devices, TVs, music players, or anything electric that demands our attention is difficult for most people nowadays, especially for the well-connected. Information overload is common with a constant stream of data, news, gossip, emails, tweets, posts and requests coming directly into our lives through the technology we use. I unplugged on a warm, sunny autumn afternoon and went forward with the unplugging experiment at hand.

Armed with a big wine glass filled with cold, clear ice cubes and sparkling Cupcake Prosecco, I staked out a serene spot on my back patio where I could unwind. As I walked over to the wicker love seat set up against an old-fashioned fieldstone wall, the sound of the ice clinking together in my wine glass sounded like wind chimes on breezy morning. This sound made me smile. As I took a sip of the glorious, sparkling liquid in my glass, the smell of the Prosecco was crisp and sharp; the taste…smooth and fruity. The bubbles danced on my tongue as I savored the sweet, fizzy wine before swallowing that mouthful of joy. I settled down onto the love seat with my wine glass in hand, and I pulled three big pillows in around me, which created a feeling of my own cozy, backyard nook.

The afternoon was slowly fading away, but the sun was warm and steady as it bounced off of the fieldstone wall and back onto the love seat where I was seated. The heat generated from the sun’s reflection on the stones made me feel toasty and comfortable, even on a mid-October day. I turned my face toward the glowing rays and closed my eyes as I soaked in pure happiness. I sighed heavily and relaxed more deeply into the cushy love seat, with my smile wide and my mind wide open. I cleared my head from all the day’s stresses and concentrated on the warmth of the sun. It was a glorious snapshot in time.

As the minutes ticked by, I slowly sipped my wine and listened to what was going on around me. I heard families of birds chirping wildly as they prepared for a cold night. I perceived the swish of leaves swirling to the ground, falling from the Mighty Oak in my back yard. I recognized the continuous buzz of stink bugs (but thankfully, did not smell them) as the sun started to set. Even the occasional sound of passing cars on the street in front of my house could not snap me out of this delightful experience.

I opened my eyes after what seemed like days to see that the sun had slipped behind the trees, and a coolness settled into the air. With my Prosecco almost finished, I reluctantly left my comfy corner of paradise and went inside for a sweater. To my surprise, an hour had passed, and I felt refreshed and happy. Just as quickly as my backyard escapade began, it ended as life intruded and needed my attention. What I did learn from this experiment is that unplugging definitely had it benefits. It allowed me to enjoy well-deserved time alone and to sneak in a peaceful moment.

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