Do You Trust?

When trust is lost, can it ever fully be regained? There are many ways trust can be broken; through betrayal, theft, lying, disrespect, disloyalty, unfaithfulness…the list goes on. How many times can one have their trust broken before the point of no return is reached? Does a flirtation on Facebook with an old flame constitute betrayal? Does posting discreet photos online equal disloyalty? Can sexting be construed as being unfaithful? Can a husband’s deeply cutting remarks be interpreted as disrespectful?


All actions that breaks the trust one has with another person has varying levels of hurt and anguish. When sorry will never be spoken, can one still forgive? Can trust ever be rebuilt to its original state? What if a business partner stole from your company? Would you feel the same if it were a friend instead that stole from you? Or re-tweeted rumors on Twitter? Or started false rumors? How about straight-out lying to your face? Or embarrassing you in public? Does breaking a date equal breaking trust? Slander? Talking behind your back? How much one is connected to the person who is doing wrong will determine if the trust can be mended.


Dealing with people and trust issues is difficult and complex. Social media does not make it easier on people to be faithful, loyal, kind or respectful. Tweets, posts, comments, videos, photos, they all can go viral and complicate matters. Once your circle of friends and family catches wind of disturbing events or gets involved, trust is more difficult to give back. Once given, there is no guarantee that trust will last, be appreciated or be returned. People are only as good as their word, and once crossed, will a second (or third chance) be warranted? When is it time to cut ties and move forward?


Of course, I am talking about people and not products, (broken trust with products is a topic for another day). I do not have any answers to if trust can ever be rebuilt, mended or regained. That is a deeply personal choice, up to the individual who was slighted. Having the opportunity to blog about this dilemma has helped me see more clearly, even if a solution wasn’t reached. I welcome any feedback, advice or wisdom on the topic of trust.



One thought on “Do You Trust?

  1. I suppose everyone has their own interpretation. But I’ve found that how people define trust is one of the biggest deciders in whether they lead a happy life or not. If trust is defined as the absence of fault then the individual tends to be unhappy, because we all fail. People who are happiest define trust as the confidence that problems can be resolved when they occur.


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