Cluster Tweeting for Cutting Through the Noise on Social Media

Cluster Tweeting…try it, you may like it (and so may your followers)!

REALLY Leila Blog


How do you cut through all of the noise on social media? The answer: cluster tweeting! As a consumer on social media, our communities are constantly growing. We get new followers on Twitter, make new connections on LinkedIn, find new people to follow on Pinterest and find “old” friends on Facebook. But as a marketer, how do we reach our target audience on social media, when so many other marketers are trying to reach the same audience? On Facebook and LinkedIn it has become a little bit easier due to the algorithms. But Twitter is in real time, there are no algorithms to determine what people see. Everyone sees everything.

It has become really hard today to reach the target audience on Twitter with so many statuses and promotions being shared by both marketers and consumers. Is it possible that the consumer will ever get the Tweet that we sent…

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